Vintage Bikes = Happy Humans

My wife has used Reid vintage bikes for many years in the city, and has been happier than a than seagull with a french fry with her retro steed. However, we were heading on a weekend microadventure to the Hunter Valley’s boutique wineries and it was time to put it to the test.

(We were also too tight to rent them up there).

Escape to the Hunter -- Reid Cycles-34

It was time to put these bikes to the test beyond the city. How would they handle the great outdoors?

Obviously they aren’t built for jump parks, dirt trails and single track so we ensured our route stuck to tarmac as much as possible. Starting at Worthingtons Vineyard, we spent the day weaving our way along Palmers Lane. It was certainly an undulating cycle trail! It also morphed as we progressed from grassy side roads and sandy fire-trails to narrow tracks that wound through grapevines – not exactly the tarmac we’d necessarily planned on!

The first positive thing to note about these bikes is the sitting position – it’s actually the perfect touring set up to enjoy views as it keeps your back upright rather than hunched over. It would be a shame to ride this area and not focus on enjoying the rolling vistas. The 7-speed gear ratio was also wide enough to mean that despite the hills, at no point did any of us have to stand up out of the saddles. It was also a hotter than Satan’s under-carriage, but thankfully the baskets meant that we could carry extra drinks and supplies (to supplement the occasional glass of plonk).

The ride is also incredibly comfortable and easy to dismount, perfect for delicate city posteriors

At one of the vineyards the owners actually pulled us aside, completely mesmerised by our Reid bikes. he was visibly salivating, such is the juiciness of the colour range. It certainly make a pleasant change to the dusty old mountain bikes most people are cruising around on up there.

Overall, really happy with the comfort, style and reliability of the vintage bikes and I think they were destined to be ridden through vineyards!

Escape to the Hunter -- Reid Cycles-100 Escape to the Hunter -- Reid Cycles-29

Escape to the Hunter -- Reid Cycles-105