There’s nothing worse than cumbersome luggage – it’s a pain to lug around, you’re tempted to pack things you don’t need and your sunnies always go missing only to be found weeks later in a deeply offensive hiking sock.

GoBag feel your pain too. James Fyfe was fed up with travel clutter, so he set about finding a solution. After years of shed-tinkering (and one hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that received 2,444 backers), it’s time to welcome his much anticipated Mark II. She’s a beaut…


Checking out the bag, you’ll find more features than a mountaineer on K2:

  • Vacuum Compression System so you can fit more stuff
  • Multiple access points along a 2m zip
  • A spine-revitalising ergonomic harness
  • Mysterious secret pocket
  • Welded wash bag for blitzing airport security and a whole lot more.

It uses lightweight, heavy duty-and waterproof materials, YKK zips and magnetic compression straps, making this is an almightily impressive travel companion for those heading on tight weekend adventures with a need to pack light.

The best thing though? No faffing at the airport with luggage check-in, no carousel headspins and no bag foraging – your escapes just got a whole lot easier. For cheeky interstate adventures or nips over to our bros in NZ, this is the bag we’ll be taking – wearing our hiking boots and three jumpers on the plane of course.

Our only advice is remember where the secret pocket is, otherwise your sunnies may go MIA.

To get behind the GoBag Kickstarter project, head here. You’ve got until the 15th of December to back it!