There’s nothing worse than a mucky bum. Especially after a monstrous day hiking and all you want to do is sprawl out on the ground and remain blissfully free from damp dirt and inquisitive insects.

The Atka Pocket Drop is an ultra-lightweight drop sheet that solves this problem.

Folding up into it’s own minuscule pouch, it has a similar size and weight to a squashed minced pie – we can guarantee however that it’ll put a bigger smile on your face than a flattened pastry.

Taking up only a slither of your precious backpacking space, it’s made from rip-stop, water resistant nylon and weighted corners with eyelet rings in case you need to peg her down…or maybe even use an improvised tarp? It’s available in both small (110mm x 70mm) and large (140mm x 110mm).

All up, this a relatively inexpensive item the carries a slamdunk of benefits to make all manner of microadventures (from halfday waterfall escapes to waterfalls to multi-day treks) a lot more comfortable.

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