Forget Uber as you know it, there’s a new ride in town. Introducing scUber – the world’s first rideshare submarine – offering limited edition rides to the Great Barrier Reef. Yep – you heard that right.

Uber and Queensland have teamed up for this wacky concept: from 27th May to 18th June riders in cities across the state will be able to request a ride from the Uber app for the measly sum of $3,000.

For non-Queenslanders – or those who don’t have that much spare change hanging around – there’s a competition with your name on it.

There’s no snorkel mask or scuba gear needed here either. The submarine will give riders an up close and unfiltered lens to Australia’s underwater icon.

The project is being promoted as a way to support the ‘ongoing protection and conservation’ of the reef. Uber has also become a partner with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty sweet way to experience (what’s left of) the world’s largest coral reef system. But it also feels kinda… bizarre? Although anything that raises awareness of the Reef’s plight has to be a good thing, using it as a PR stunt playground does feel kinda icky.


Which leads to the question… where exactly did this sci-fi-tastic idea come from anyway? Well, you can thank the general public for that one. In 2018, Tourism Queensland commissioned research which discovered that exploring the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine was the most desired future travel experience for visitors.

Want to give it a go? The scUber experience kicks off on Heron Island, in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region from the 27th of May, before moving to Agincourt Reef off the coast of Port Douglas from the 9th of June .

The $3,000 price tag is for two people and includes a scenic helicopter ride, one hour in the scUber submarine, and return trip back to your original pickup with Uber. Or, enter the comp here!


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