A new film tells of the hardships remote Indigenous communities face at the hands of developers looking to mine and farm their traditional lands. Undermined – Tales From The Kimberley is a feature-length documentary that dives deep into the cultural collide happening right now in Western Australia, and we reckon everyone should get out and see it.

It’s safe to say that the colonisation of Australia never ceased, and Undermined – Tales From The Kimberley only highlights that fact. Over 200 remote Aboriginal communities exist in the Kimberley region, but with limited land rights and none of the resources of big business, they fight an uphill battle to live where they have for generations.

The film follows young leader Albert Wiggan, veteran cattleman Kevin Oscar and Senior Elder June Davis through their battles to preserve their homelands, asking the question: ‘For whose benefit is this development?’

The film is in cinemas from the 21st of February, find your local screening for the weekend!



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