Weekend explorer Ben Juzwin is one man who knows how to picnic in style. Introducing the Ultimate Picnic Backpack.

Sydney-based brand Excursion Co. creates gear that helps you uncover the adventures that are all around. Take your next excursion up a notch with The Ultimate Picnic Backpack, be it beyond the city limits or your secret spot just around the corner. We’ve seen this product and can testify that it is as awesome (and as beautifully designed) as it sounds.

ultimate picnic backpack

Creator Ben Juzwin was frustrated by the lack of everyday outdoor packs on the market, finding they were all either impractical (and ugly) or too “hardcore adventure” looking. He felt the need for something in between, and the idea for the Ultimate Picnic Backpack was born.

“Working Monday to Friday in an office, I found myself looking for ways to escape the city and get my outdoor fix on the weekend,” Juzwin said. “I want to make products that will help people do the same, and make their weekend excursions more awesome. I like the idea that enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to require hardcore adventure gear or months of planning.”

Launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on 9 November 2016, The Ultimate Picnic Backpack is an all inclusive pack that’s ready to be taken on an outdoor excursion at a moment’s notice. A stylish backpack in its own right, it’s not until you unzip the pack that you’ll discover the 18L insulated cold storage compartment designed to keep your cold meats, cheeses and drinks cool. The bag also comes topped with a woven waterproof-backed rug and fully stocked with a serving board, enamelware and cutlery set for two.

ultimate picnic backpack

Pre-order on Kickstarter for the early bird price of $239 AUD/$180 USD (limited to first 200 packs).