I recently had to purchase a bib, and worryingly it wasn’t for my new born son. It was for me.

The reason? Sarah Glover’s instagram account.

I’ll be skimming innocently through my feed like a restless monkey; a dreamy tent view shot here, a mountain vista there…and then BOOM! A rasher of bacon smoking seductively over a crackling fire. BANG! A glistening, plump chicken winking at me whilst tendering on a lakeside pit bbq. WALLOP! A foraged rasberry jam bubbling away in a dutch oven. My saliva glands involuntarily kick in and let loose onto my mobile phone screen. Talk about a waterfall eh. Thumbs up to Samsung for their waterproof screens I say .

sarah clover adventure cookbook wild bacon

The good news? She’s pulled together a selection of her hard-earned, saliva inducing recipes and is sharing them with the rest of us creatively constricted, pasta and tomato adventure lovers. The result is a cookbook that’s so good you may actually eat it; a delightful combination of food and nature porn (the best kind).

sarah clover adventure cookbook wild

We asked Tassie girl Sarah what her top three tips are for city folk who are unsure how to eat like medieval gentry in the outdoors.

ONE: Just because you cook it at home doesn’t  mean you can’t cook it outdoors. Think outside the box.

TWO: Go to a farmers market first thing in the morning and buy some seasonal produce, pack a frying pan and stuff to light a fire (or gas cooker) and a picnic blanket. You won’t regret it. Money back guarantee

THREE: Being in the outdoors, can be as small as stepping out your back door. If you have a backyard, courtyard or even if you live in a busy city there are lots of public BBQs and awesome spots to use. It’s amazing once you open your eyes to the possibilities, you soon realize they are endless.

To grab yourself a copy head over to Sarah’s kickstarter page and show your support for what is quite frankly the best thing to hit the foodie world since sliced bread.