Trek to Eagle Rock (NSW)


  • Wattamolla Waterfall
  • Providential Point Lookout
  • Curracurrang Gully
  • Curracurrong Creek
  • Eagle Rock

We are in constant pursuit of adventure. Whether we choose to beat the break of day to witness the mystic wonder of a pink sunrise, or stay out in the crisp, cold weather trying to capture the Milky Way. Today was no different to the above. We set out early on a Saturday morning in order to capture the Wattamolla Creek Waterfall – a few 100 meters behind the lagoon. The sound of the waterfall greets your sense of sound before your eyes bare witness to the wonder, and after a 10 minute walk we ended up at on the rocky peak of the creek. With the waterfall below us, we were positioned perfectly above for the sunrise.

Moving along to Providential Point we were greeted by a strong early sun, which looked nice against the headland opposite (Martin Head) and created some beautiful colors against the water and cliffs.

Starting the 3.5km trek heading towards Eagle Rock (Curracurrong Creek) we found ourselves on top of sheer cliffs within minutes, the amazing coastline provided photo opportunities along the entire hike. Curracurrang Gully was the first stoppage point. The gully provided an amazing opportunity to send the drone in the air and get some aerial shots of the crystal clear waters.

Heading back into the coastal shrubs our path had been slowed down by the immense erosion of the pathway, a clear sign of the growing popularity of the National Park. Finally arriving out our destination, Eagle Rock, after a 2 hour hike, we were taken back by the amazing scenes that were present in front of us; crystal clear streams cascading into the sea, amazing rock formations and an aerial view of the sea many meters below made the long hike all the more worth it. This track is a long a long one! Drinking water and comfortable shoes is highly recommended.

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How to get there

Royal National Park, Wattamolla Beach


  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Swimming
  • Exploring

Skill Level

Beginner – Long walk, but manageable if your well prepared, sheer cliffs, keep children in your sight.

Distance Covered

3.5km round hike with minimal stopping, if you’re a heavy clicker prepare for a long hike! 7.4km return from the Wattamolla beach car park. 292m above sea level, so stay a safe distance from the cliffs if there is wind