Whether you’re under quarantine, staying at home to self-isolate or just avoiding some gnarly weather, soon enough that adventure bug is gonna start itching so hard that you can’t drown it out with another season of Breaking Bad.


Now’s the time to get creative. Whether you’re training or daydreaming of your next adventure, use this time to prepare your body (and your kit) for the next time you’re out there!

We’re not gonna pretend these options are as good as the real thing, but sometimes you just have to make the best of a shitty situation. You’ve probably wished you had enough time to do these anyway, so give ’em a crack!

Climbing Training

The Floor is Lava

We don’t all have a climbing wall at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own climbing routes around the house. Get low, get creative and try playing ‘the floor is lava’ like you did when you were a kid.

The Chair Traverse

The chair traverse had its heyday during the last decade, but this home exercise still has legs and is a great option for climbing at home. Mix it up by trying different chairs and tables.



Finger strength is one of the cornerstones of climbing, and while door frames look great for hanging off to strengthen your digits; spoiler alert, they’re not that strong. You’re probably better off checking out the rad Aussie company Awesome Woodys to see their range of at-home training products. Or you could try building your own.


Eoin Coleman hangboard, adventures in the home, photo by Tim ashelford, rock climbing, training

‘Hang out’ and work on your pull-ups if you can’t get outside

Cycling Training

Indoor Cycle Trainer

There’s a whole range of cycle trainers out there – some are stand-alone and others clip into your rig. If you’re gonna hop on the trainer and punch out some Ks, how about pairing your workout with a bike movie. It’s as close to riding real trails as you can get right now. Scratch that, move your trainer onto the porch, at least you’ll be outdoors!


How To Adventure At Home, mattie gould, cycling, bike riding, film, exercise bike

Chuck on a cycling flick while you pedal!

Practice Your Wheelies

I’ve been seeing these wheelie trainers all over the internet lately and I’m itching to build my own. Looks pretty straightforward to build and a lot more fun than sitting on the cycle trainer.


Surfing Training

Balance Boards

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a wave pool in your backyard, there’s not going to be much surfing going on at home. Indo Boards are an Aussie company who’ve been around for a while and their balance boards will keep your surf skills on point while you’re stuck on dry land. They’ve also got a good series of training videos for you to try out.


how to adventure at home, backyard, surfing, mattie gould, sprinkler

Mattie finding the green room in his backyard

Surf Strength Exercises

Try hitting up your local personal trainers for some surf specific exercises that you can do at home. Or surf the internet (hey hey) to find some online videos and routines to follow. Here’s a good place to start if you’re too lazy to search for yourself. 

Hiking & Running Substitutes

Hike Around the House

If a bloke can run a marathon on his balcony, then there’s nothing to stop you lacing up your slippers and going for a walk around the house. Try measuring out your route, or use a Fitbit to see how many indoor kilometres you can rack up (GPS won’t work unfortunately!). You could go one step further by trying to walk (or climb) the same distance as your favourite hiking routes, fill your pack for extra difficulty.

Home Campout

To get those true camping feels, pack up your hiking bag and plan a route to your lounge room or backyard. Set up camp, roll out your sleeping bag and immerse yourself in some artificial camp vibes. Nature soundtracks, indoor plants or a good adventure film can really help heighten the outdoor feels.

All-Purpose Training

Core Work

Pretty much every sport uses your core, but we often don’t train it! Now’s a great time for planks, dips, crunches, even squats and push-ups. You’ll be more stable and lower your risk of injury for next time you get out there.


Still got your jump rope hanging around? It’s a major workout and a great way to get a cardio burn while staying in one spot. Careful with your calves on your first go, you’re not as young as you used to be!

Sort Out Your Gear!

Gear Roll Call

Time to take an inventory check! Lay out all your gear and work out what’s hot and what’s not. You can test out packing options and colour combos, even get customising and hacking (check out these homemade firelighting options).


adventure training, gear, maintenance, flat lay, photo by tim ashelford

Maintenance Time

Always wanted to wash your rainjacket? How about your down sleeping bag? Maybe you haven’t cleaned your hiking bowl since… dude have you ever cleaned it? While you’re stuck inside dedicate some solid time to keeping your gear in top condition. If you’re bored you’re not trying hard enough.