If you’re looking to separate the boys from the bitches among your mates, then lug your flabby arses around a 20km Tough Mudder assault course and you’ll soon see whose carrying the biggest pair of swingers…

It seems every man and his pug is now having a crack at an endurance based obstacle course, Tough Mudder being at the top of the list. The desire to prove something to yourself (and coming home with the t-shirt of course) is driving most of us to sign up. For us at least, one of the boys mentioned that they were thinking about doing it, and like beat munchers to disco biscuits, the rest of our crew followed.

With a self-created training regime every Tuesday in the 3 months running up to it – loosely attended by some – by the time the event came around on a toasty March afternoon we’d created a pack mentality and sense of brotherhood that the Spartans would have admired (although our deltoid definition and ‘bulging six packs’ almost certainly wouldn’t).

Ice baths, money bars, tunnels, ramp running, backflips, wall climbing, electric cables…this assault course has it all. But Tough Mudder isn’t about winning. It’s not even about being competitive with your team mates – in fact it’s the exact opposite. The enjoyment comes from the sense of camaraderie created in the build up and the run itself. We relied on each other for support and encouragement when it felt like our legs were going to literally drop off. In fact, there’s no way a short arse like me would have got myself over a 10ft Berlin Wall without their help. Mind you, I still haven’t got to the bottom of who was the owner of that wondering finger…

So despite costing a horrendous amount of money, as well as the sheer brutality of electric cables, this is an event we whole heartedly recommend doing with your mates.

tough mudder

Well done to Crispo, Tommy, Adam, Turfey, Si, Neil and Jack for boshing this out with me, and to Susi, Ems and Sal for being the finest pom-pom-less cheerleaders there ever was!

For further details, check out www.toughmudder.com.au