Geeez Louise, where does the time go? June 1st already. I can’t believe it’s been a year since NSW allowed travel throughout the state again after a few months of lockdown (sorry Vicco, love yas).


Anyway, here’s our favourite articles from the month of May. Grab your bev of choice, sit somewhere comfy, hopefully on a beach or maybe a mountain top, and dig into this juicy juicy content.

1. How Climate Change is Already Affecting Adventures And What We Can do About It

As much as we hate to admit it, climate change is well and truly affecting how, when, and where we can adventure. 

Morewenna chatted to a bunch of adventurers and activists making waves and taking action around Aus;

  • Yolanda Waters from Divers for Climate
  • Helene de Lagillardaie from Outward Bound
  • Australian trail runner Lucy Bartholomew 
  • Heath Joske Patagonia Ambassador
  • Vicki Adams founder of Outdoors People for Climate Action
  • Elle Finch trail runner and member of For Wild Places

That’s a pretty huge line up. Read what they have to say about protecting the planet and adventures.

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2. 5 Things I Learnt Preparing For a 600km Hike

Jason is currently halfway through a 600km SOLO hike traversing across Tasmania. Before he set off, he gave us some insight into just how much preparation it’s been to get to the starting line. 

In fact, he reckons walking might just be the easiest part! Have a squiz and then check out Jason’s socials to follow along the rest of his mammoth expedition!

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5 Things I Learnt Preparing for a 600km Hike, jason reeve, feature image, blue mountains

3. Southern Highlands Waterfall Weekend Road Trip

This article does a stellar job of wrapping up the best of the Southern Highlands waterfalls (yep, there are even more to check out if you dig deeper) into one perfect weekend road trip. 

Although a bit chilly for swimming, winter is a lovely time to visit the Southern Highlands – after a bit of rain the waterfalls will be PUMPING and the myriad of pies and baked treats available will warm you up from the inside out.

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Southern Highlands Waterfall Weekend Road Trip, Dan Piggott, Minnamurra Falls, waterfall, rainforest

4. A Bushwalking And Brews Tour of Tasmania

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a more ideal combination than a good hike, followed by a tasty beer. Sarah and her family have been touring around Tassie, taking on a variety of day hikes in the morning, and settling in each afternoon at a local brewery or distillery.

And she’s packaged it all up for you into a delicious and digestible morsel to delight your eyes and your tastebuds. Get into it.

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5. How To Get Nude For Mother Nature (Hint: She’s Seen it Before)

Something we’ve realised in recent months; our audience loves nudity. Post a photo of a bum and our notifications go mad.

So we thought we’d share with you lot how to get your kit off in the bush (it’s not quite as simple as just stripping). Get out there and get it off.

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