Toorongo Falls Reserve // Gippsland Region (VIC)

Toorongo Falls is roughly a 2-hour drive from Melbourne. A perfect weekend microadventure waiting to happen.


  • Two amazing waterfalls.
  • Breathtaking forest
  • Great for photography

The Lowdown

As you begin to drive through Neerim south and approach Nojee, the true beauty of Gippsland is revealed in the rolling hills and views that surround you. As you arrive, there are two bushwalking tracks, which in total are 2.22 kilometers long. The tracks pass 2 main waterfalls; Toorongo falls and Amphitheatre falls. Along the walk there and also many other spectacular streams to photograph and explore.

The time of year and day you go will determine how many other people you will see on the walk. I would recommend visiting the falls on a weekday. When we went we had the whole place to ourselves…

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Essential Gear

  • Runners or hiking shoes.
  • Preferably a wide-angle lens to capture the true scale of the Forrest and waterfalls.
  • A tent if you wish to camp at the campsite which is near the falls.

How To Get There

Toorongo Falls Rd, Noojee VIC 3833 – (Google maps)


  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Hiking

Skill level


Distance covered

2.22 kilometers