Toitū is the new one stop shop for all sustainably made outdoor gear from Australian and New Zealand brands that give damn about the planet!


There are few better feelings than purchasing a schmick new piece of outdoor gear and getting outside to give it the first run around in the wild. The only thing better than the first use of a new piece of gear is knowing that your new sleeping bag, surfboard or rain jacket was made sustainably by a company that cares about the planet as much as you do. That’s where toitū comes in. 

What is toitū?

Toitū is here to help you uncover the outdoor brands that give a damn and source the most sustainable outdoor gear in Australia and New Zealand, all in one place! 

Founded by We Are Explorers writer Jessie McCrae, toitū is dedicated to creating a community of Explorers passionate about making every stage of their adventures sustainable. 

‘A huge focus is placed on being environmentally friendly out in the field, but not enough emphasis is placed on the choices people make before their adventures even begin,’ Jessie said. 

The name ‘toitū’ is an ode to Jessie’s Maori heritage and means ‘to be sustainable’, a fitting title for a brand 100% dedicated to enjoying nature and protecting it at the same time. 

What counts as sustainable?

The site has strict criteria brands must fulfil to be listed, including;

  • Apparel (and gear, when possible) must be made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Products that are traditionally packaged in single-use plastics are offered in reusable, compostable or biodegradable packaging
  • Gear (and apparel, when possible) provides an alternative to single-use items (e.g. solar powered as opposed to alkaline batteries, dry bags as opposed to plastic bags, rain jackets as opposed to plastic ponchos)

In conjunction with this, toitū also supports brands that are members of 1% For The Planet or that embodies their value of sustainability through other volunteering, activism, or financial contributions. 

Plus a bunch of our mates have their brands featured on the site including Team Timbuktu, and Wild Search, started by Caitlin Weatherstone, another one of our contributors. What’s not to love?!


Elements Jacket Team Timbuktu

The Elements Jacket from Team Timbuktu is made from recycled plastic bottles.

So what kind of gear can I buy?

Toitū has gear relevant to a bunch of our favourite adventure activities. From camping and hiking to cycling and climbingAnd one of the best features of the website is being able to search for gear relevant to your adventure activity.

Going surfing? Here, take this reef-friendly sunscreen, leg strap made from repurposed leashes, and beach towel made from recycled plastic bottles. 

How does toitū give back?

Not only does toitū promote sustainable gear brands, they’re dedicated to being sustainable too! Toitū is registered with 1% For The Planet, meaning 1% of all profits are donated to non-for-profit organisations working towards protecting the environment. 

Toitū has also joined Half Cut Alliances, meaning with every sale made, they donate enough money to save one square metre of rainforest on a block of land in the Daintree. Huge!

Check out toitū now! You might just find your next fresh piece of kit. 


Feature photo by @mattiejgould