No doubt you’ve gathered by now that this coming Monday, the 14th November 2016, is not just a big deal but an extra-super big deal.

Typically, we do get three to four supermoons per year and it so happens that in 2016, all three of our supermoons are in consecutive months; October, November and December.

The supermoon this Monday, though, is going to the be the frontrunner as it will not only be a full moon, but a full moon orbiting at its closest distance possible to the Earth. For the astronomy geeks out there, it is going to be a perigee-syzygy and NASA has coined it an extra-supermoon.

What does this mean for us layfolk? Simply the brightest and the biggest moon to date of the 21st century. The world hasn’t seen this phenomenon for almost 70 years and will not again for another 18 years.

And wannabe werewolves, FOMO-sufferers, photography enthusiasts and all-round nature lovers are getting real pumped up for it. All along our coastline, you’ll find an array of extra-supermoon festivities from meditation sessions to grassy sunset picnics.

When the clouds and angles align

But some scientists have claimed that the differences in a supermoon and in an extra-supermoon is largely undetectable to the human eye. The spectacle is also uncomfortably reliant on cloud cover.

If you want to capture the extra-supermoon in all its glory, you best planet, we mean plan it, so you catch the moonrise on Sunday and Monday night. When the moon is hanging low, rising above the horizon, a “moon illusion” is created where it appears to be so massive that it dwarfs surrounding trees and buildings.

And you should also cross all fingers and toes for a clear night.

If it’s all a bit over your head…

…and you’re wondering which direction you should even face, the answer is that the moon rises from the east so any east-facing viewpoint will be a winner.

Think outside of the hotspots to try and get your own little secluded slice of moon-gazing; ditch Barangaroo for Balls Head, go towards Manly and keep on driving until you reach Long Reef or leave Bondi to the hipsters and head to The Gap.