Hayden Griffith, one of our favourite cinematographers at We Are Explorers (you might remember him from this gem) has been at it again, this time experiencing a winter in the US on a search for inspiration, stunning views and a shower (maybe two!). Here he speaks about his realisations whilst travelling.

I think there’s something to be said about how much you can plan a trip, what you think you need and what you want to see. You can put all the effort, thought and research into things, but when push comes to shove you’re out there, and things change. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s frustratingly worse, but it’s all a part of the journey…

The Moment is a short film that’s about just this. With the support of a Sprinter van from VanCraft, we spent 5 weeks getting as deep into the North American winter as we could, in an attempt to find out what really inspires us as respective filmers, photographers and skiers.

In all honesty, this trip was a real challenge. Issues with gear, timings, weather, access, knowledge and experience all played a part in the ‘frustratingly worse’ side of the journey. Luckily, with persistence (and the freedom to change and move wherever we felt) we were able to counteract these frustrations — mostly through getting lost in new locations and places that we’d never planned to explore.

To be able to do this, to wander, meander and follow our instincts all whilst returning home to a warm van, full of food and blankets, was something that kept the entire trip well and truly alive, and trust me, this means a lot more when you’ve just run back nude after bathing in a river and it’s -20˚c outside.

The outcome of this project was a personal note about the values of traveling and the realisation that sometimes it’s the simple experience that can mean the most. For us, travel is about breaking away from the crowds and finding people and places that aren’t on the map. It’s about doing what feels good, even if it’s not what you’ve planned — to follow your nose and see where you end up.

Chances are that you’ll come across someone or something that’ll change your life more than you could ever imagine and its these moments that are truly irreplaceable.

Sponsor: VanCraft

Soundtrack: My Mind Was a Fog…My Heart Became a Bomb — Hammock

Film: Hayden Griffith

Contributors: Tim ClarkCoen Bennie-Faull


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