It was late Friday night and Caleb was chilling over at his mate’s house. At 1am they decided they were going somewhere to capture the Milky Way. That somewhere… was Table Top Mountain just outside of Toowoomba.


  • Drive to the mysterious railway bridge
  • Shooting at the railway bridge
  • Climbing Mt Table Top for sunrise
  • Frantically taking photos before the colours vanished

An Astro Addiction

We had become addicted to capturing the stars above lately. It just so happened to be new moon so we gathered our collection of cameras and gear and set out. On the way we picked up another friend we have met through taking photos.

Then the four of us all arrived after a few coffee stops 2 hours later, we were so keen to explore the ancient railway bridge we had heard of but never seen. We parked the car then walked along the side of the tracks for 10 minutes till we got to the bridge.

Mission: Ancient Railway Bridge

When we arrived we were more than impressed – it was massive and looked like something out of a movie!

Sadly some unexpected clouds appeared and made it quite difficult to capture the Milky Way but we gave it our best nonetheless.

I got a few awesome shots but nothing with the bridge in it sadly as the ground below was too wet and muddy from rain a week earlier. Caleb P Table Top Mountain Toowoomba queensland QLD astrophotography stargazing hero

Table Top Mountain For Sunrise

By now it was 4am so time to head to Table Top mountain for sunrise. After a 30 minute drive and a very steep climb on sharp jagged boulders we made it to the top just in time for early morning glow.

We soon saw how the mountain got its name; the top was completely flat with only a few lonely trees surviving amongst the safari-like grass.

Luckily the clouds worked in our favour this time and covered the sky above us which resulted in a gloriously vibrant sunrise!

Caleb P Table Top Mountain Toowoomba queensland QLD sunrise sunset hero

Caleb P Table Top Mountain Toowoomba queensland QLD sunrise sunset hero photography

Caleb P Table Top Mountain Toowoomba queensland QLD sunrise sunset hero

Essential Gear

  • Google maps
  • Head torch
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Coffee

How To Get There

The railway bridge is about 30 mins before Toowoomba.

See map below for Table Top Mountain:



  • Star gazing
  • Photography
  • Hiking


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