We’ve partnered with Riptide Prints to give you the chance to win a stunning canvas print – your next adventure will never feel closer! What’s all the hype about chucking a print on the wall? Mike from Riptide explains…

Are you a passionate adventurer, or are you simply in love with everything nature? Do you find yourself daydreaming at work, wishing you were chasing that next waterfall? Are you constantly counting down the days until the weekend? Of course you are, you’re reading We Are Explorers!

And you’re not alone…

Our crew at Riptide love all things nature – we crave the weekend and we found ourselves wondering how we could inject a sense of nature and adventure into our everyday lives.

Cape Hillsborough, Mark Fitz, riptide prints giveaway

Prize Number 1 – Cape Hillsborough
Photo by @_markfitz

Short of quitting our jobs for a life outdoors, we found that surrounding ourselves with unique, incredible photos helped scratch the ol’ adventure itch. We soon realised how enjoyable it was to come in on a Monday morning and have a print up on the desk. We loved even more that we could come home and see some of our favourite shots up on the wall while we studied, cooked and cleaned.

We even drew inspiration from the prints on our walls when planning the next adventure.

Walking on a Dream, Jaxon roberts, riptide prints giveaway

Walking on a Dream
Photo by @jaxon_roberts

Since hanging some wall art we’ve noticed significant improvements in our mood and motivation – we feel motivated to work harder so we can enjoy our well-deserved time off.

We reckon adding wall art to the house or workplace is a flawless idea, here’s why:

It Completes The Room

Take some time now to think about some of the places you spend most of your time – your current workspace or the place you currently live in. Chances are that these spaces have a few naked walls, which can often feel unfinished… maybe a few pieces of nature wall art is exactly what they need.

We found that adding a piece of wall art lightens up a room and helps pull together what would have otherwise felt like an incomplete space. It’s the finishing touch that takes a space from simply “functional” to a home.

hopetoun falls, mark fitz, riptide prints giveaway

Hopetoun Falls
Photo by @_markfitz

It Boosts Productivity

According to Dr Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for the last 15 years, “There is a real tendency to opt for sanitised, lean workspaces, designed to encourage staff to just get on with their work and avoid distraction,”.

However, no scientists in the world have agreed that this approach boosts productivity or makes for happier workers – in fact, they say the opposite: “A bright creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing… If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.”

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Winter Coast, ben savage, riptide print giveaway

Prize Number 2 – Winter Coast
Photo by @ben.savage

We couldn’t agree with this more. From our personal experience, we found that adding just one small print to our work desk, led to us feeling less stressed, more productive and downright happier during the working week.

It’s Tax Deductible

This is one’s an added bonus. According to the accountants over at Michael Fox, “Each artwork purchased by a small business to a value of less than $20,000 may be eligible for a complete tax deduction, subject to 4 criteria:

  • The artwork must be tangible; (tick)
  • Capable of being moved; (tick)
  • Purchased with the dominant purpose of display in a business premise; (tick)
  • Not be trading stock.” (and tick)

How good is that?! Make an investment into a long-lasting piece of art that’s going to improve workplace efficiency, lower stress and increase overall happiness, and you can write it off on tax? Seems like a no-brainer.

Prize Number 3 – Ocean Collision
Photo by @merrwatson

Bringing It All Together

There’s no doubt that wall art can add many benefits to a home or workplace. Need some inspiration? Check out our guide to different wall art ideas! We’d love for you to see how your perception, mood and outlook shift, simply surrounding yourself with your real passions in life – the things that make you happy.

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