Waking up next to the ocean and seeing perfect peeling lefts going unridden is the ultimate dream for most wave-chasers. Enter the BoardSwag – it’ll carry your boards by day and provide your beachfront accommodation by night.


Surf N Swag Introducing the BoardSwag surf swag beach

Maybe You Need A BoardSwag?

Surfboard? — Check

Wetsuit? — Check

Swag? — Bugger!

The BoardSwag is the brainchild of a couple of Aussie surfers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Jonah Beard and James Watkins were on a South Coast strike mission to Aussie Pipe and didn’t bring their swags, planning on coming back that night. The waves were so good that they decided to stay the night to surf again the next day. Without swags they did what any surfer would and slept in their board bags.

“In the surf the next morning James commented how epic it would have been if our board bags had had a mattress and pop out tent in them and the idea snowballed from there.”


Surf N Swag Introducing the BoardSwag surf swag animation

“Product Testing” (At The Beach Of Course)

This seed of an idea, slowly grew over 2 years of prototypes, testing, designing and more testing — in fact the boys are now fully qualified BoardSwag testers, having surfed and swagged their way up and down the Australian coast and abroad.

Like all good startups, the first prototypes were made in the garage using scrap bits of canvas and tent material, old tent poles and whatever else they could find. Jonah describes those first creations as, “A complete abomination! We had no idea what we were doing.”

Rather than traditional tent poles, the finished product uses inflatable struts that are super light, much faster to set up and are very compact once deflated. It’s a one-piece design with the tent and struts connected, so all that’s required is a few pumps and the tent sets itself up as it inflates. The BoardSwag also holds its structure without the need of tie downs or tent pegs.


Surf N Swag Introducing the BoardSwag surf swag beach pump

Ready To Wander

With the help of a few good mates along the way, the boys are now in the final stages of launching the product. They’ve already taken the final prototypes to the Mentawais and pitched up in the departure lounge of KL’s airport — we’ll leave you to guess which camp spot had the happier ending!

If you’re a keen surfer or kitesurfer and want to know more, hit up their website and sign up to be kept in the loop and know when you can be the first to get your hands on one! I know I’ll be one of the first in line!

Find out more about the BoardSwag >

Non-surf adventurers should keep their eyes peeled as the boys have got a super compact swag only version in the works, perfect for those missions where surfboards are better left at home!

“The best thing about the BoardSwag is the freedom of adventure it gives you. You can go wherever you want and stay wherever you want with no more than the board bag you would be carrying with you anyway. You can set up in the best locations you can dream of, wake up with the waves on your doorstep and be the first in the line-up!”