Get a glimpse into life behind the lens; award winning surf videographer and all-round legend Jack McCoy hits the East Coast of Australia this June for a series called Talk Story. He’ll be sharing tales from a lifetime of stoke.


A man bursting to the brim with aloha, McCoy has delivered such classics as Storm Riders and Green Iguana, flicks which helped shape surf culture into the crazy, colourful world it is today. In this special series of events, the maestro of film will share the stories behind the making of these iconic movies, as well as the inside scoop on the culture that surrounded surfing at the time. McCoy will also be looking towards the horizon, exploring the future of adventure film and what it means to be a modern day surf videographer.

Kicking off in June, you can catch Jack yarning anywhere from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Head over this way to check out dates and locations.

With different special guests at each locale, you can catch Mccoy engaging with surfing legends including: Wayne Lynch, Occy and Dave Rastovich. Whether getting barrelled is your bag, or adventure videography and photography is your calling, Talk Story promises to be a night chock full of frothy convo!