Jackie is a seriously talented Sydney based chef who escaped the heat of the kitchen for a weekend getaway in Myall Lakes accompanied by her modern day mowgli fella, Derin (plus Susi & I). Here’s challenge #23:

Myall Lakes 2015-33

1) Name and Theme Song?

My name is Jaclyn Southern and my internal jukebox has inner circle ‘sweat ‘ playing on repeat .

2) Description of your Explorer Challenge?

Australia Day weekend getaway to Port Stephens and Myall Lakes with Mowgli, an interesting tent hammock and a pair of newly engagees. With my first Australia Day weekend off, we set off from Ryde with minimal confidence that the van I packed at 5:30 am had anything useful for camping.
After that initial 30 mins of compulsory traffic leaving Sydney we enter the 2 hours long sandstone towered highway. After a quick stop off to gather all the the essentials we arrived at the campsite, ready to explore.

3) Highlight of your weekend adventure?

There’s an amazing picture that can describe the highlight of my trip. But behind the picture, as the sunsets – it is quiet, you can feel the earth, the stillness of the water, the wind gently stoking the fire. Welcome to Australia.

4) Funniest moment?

In all fairness , thanks to said company , the entire journey was hysterical. The gigantic ants, the rain, the wildlife hunter ,the breast implant washed on the shore.

5) Craziest moment?

Waking up at 8:30am from a great sleep to find out that you have slept through a campsite domestic and punch up only 2 tents along. All the other campers were up at 5 with police and park rangers wanting to remove them. I have no recollection or even dream-like memory of this event. A long day, four beers and the sound of the cicada will do the trick.

6) Why do you love NSW?

Take any highway out of Sydney and you will find a secluded part of nature to enjoy. I am surprised every time I take a drive.

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