Picture an afternoon following morning rain with mist hanging in the air, a slight cool breeze, lush rainforest surroundings and a stunning waterfall…this was my experience of Baxter Falls.


  • A natural waterfall and pool – both stunning and a lovely place for a little swim
  • Metal suspension bridge!
  • Beautiful hiking through a lush rainforest canopy
  • Part of the Sunshine Coast Great Walk – you can do Baxter Falls as part of a longer hike and stay nearby at Flaxton Walkers Camp

The Lowdown

Perfect timing, when everything just comes together and nature takes over it creates an occasion to remember. Baxter Falls is one of those ethereal natural places where time becomes irrelevant. I could spend hours there just relishing in the atmosphere.

Starting from the carpark on Flaxton Mill Road, head straight in and onto the Flaxton section of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. The walk starts fairly flat for the first 1.8km then proceeds down through the lush rainforest on a winding single trail that takes about an hour from carpark to final destination.

Baxter Falls, QLD, Pru Islip, Restless Explorers, waterfall, walk, rainforest

Baxter Falls, QLD, Pru Islip, Restless Explorers, walk, rainforest

I highly recommend going after rain in order to maximise the experience; the waterfall and pool will be fuller and more spectacular than during the dry season. The hike will be a tad cooler too: although the rainforest canopy ensures shady trails, it does get very muggy on hot days with very little breeze. At the base of the falls there is a very inviting pool, go for a swim if you’re game! It’s usually not very deep (depending on rainfall) nonetheless, very refreshing.

As part of the Sunshine Coast, Baxter Falls can either be completed as a day trip or part of a longer journey with a stopover at the nearby Flaxton Walker’s Camp, which you walk past on the way to Baxter Falls. Oh, the hike up feels long but you will make it, have rests if needed — there is never a need to rush, hiking is about enjoying nature and the moment away from everyday life.

Baxter Falls, QLD, Pru Islip, Restless Explorers, suspension bridge, walk, rainforest

Essential Gear

  • Good quality hiking shoes
  • Comfortable lightweight hiking apparel including a hat
  • Water — preferably a Camelbak or similar
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks and food
  • Phone for emergencies and photos
  • Swimmers and towel if you would like to go for a dip

How To Get There

Head to The Great Walks Entrance on Flaxton Mill Road — plug in number 160 and you will see the car park nearby. The walk initially leads to Flaxton Walkers Camp which has some facilities if needed. Continue along the fire trail and onto the hiking trail which will lead down a long slope and plenty of steps. Keep in mind, the destination is definitely worth the journey


  • Hiking along the Great Walk
  • Photography
  • Wild swimming
  • Camping at Flaxton Walkers camp for longer journeys

Skill Level

Beginner – reasonable fitness for the hike back up

Distance covered

8km return


Pru Islip writes for Restless Explorers, a fresh adventure hub based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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