You’ve got 2 minutes to write down an adventure that you’d like to complete this year. Ready…go!

Feeling like you’ve been put on the spot? We apologise – kinda, not really.

Back in June the We Are Explorers crew spoke to a packed house at General Assembly in Sydney about living more adventurously. And mid-way through the talk, we asked the audience the same question. Coming to the talk panel may have just been their first step. But we decided to make it a huge step, a real shot in the arm of inspiration and commitment.

If this audience wanted to live more adventurously, we were going to make damn sure that they followed through.

Choose Your Adventure

We asked the throng to think about an adventure that they’d like to achieve, write it down on a post-it note, and stick it on a table. We also asked for their email. Because you’d better believe we’re coming for them. We’re making these guys accountable for their dreams because we want to see them happen. Talk’s cheap, it’s time for action. This’ll be the follow-up email that you can’t ignore.

time to live more adventurously post-it

The post-its may have been paper-thin, but that table of adventures in General Assembly was heaving with possibilities, anticipation, and adventures. So. Many. Adventures!

Two months and some office admin later (cheers Henry) and we’ve got our list of names, emails and adventures. Now it’s time to check-in, hassle the heck out of these wannabe adventurers, and give them a not-so-gentle nudge in the right direction.

Want us to hassle you too? Send us an email and we’ll add your adventure to the list!

What really blew us away was that every single adventure was possible. Not just possible, but incredibly achievable. From hiking for the very first time, to completing the AAWT – what we saw was an adventure for everyone, at every level.

We tried to pick a selection of the best ideas from the list to share with you guys, but we ended up highlighting pretty much the whole thing – I also added heaps of ideas to my own bucket list (thanks guys).

Considering most of these adventures were dreamed up by an after-work Sydney crowd, we reckon that nearly all of them could be done this weekend! No, seriously. Living more adventurously can be simple and can happen immediately.

Enough talk, here are a few ideas that you can add to your own list, don’t hesitate, just do.

Matt, Pearce, Wondabyne to Kariong Falls, hikes near Sydney, waterfall

Photo by Kat Pearce

20 Adventurous Ideas To Whet Your Whistle

(and some links to help you on your way)

Show us your #WAEadventureintentions – keep us updated with your trip planning and progress. Better yet, share a pic of you completing your adventure intentions. Then grab a new post-it note, send it to us and we’ll start chasing you up about the next one!


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