A new ski film from Patagonia and Teton Gravity Research explores risk, the gap between knowledge and reality, and some bloody great couloirs.


I know, it’s summertime and with borders to the northern hemisphere still hella locked, chasing powder is probably your furthest thought right now. Amy pretty much banned me from snow content last week but heck, can’t a guy dream?

And dream I will. Despite having the nerdiest film title ever, Solving for Z | A Calculus of Risk is a certified epic. The film follows the life of professional mountain guideZahan Billimoria as he climbs and rides his way across some of the best big mountain terrain in the US. We Are Explorers is a pretty Aussie-focused publication but sometimes stuff is just too rad to pass up. Afer all, we do live in a society.

I just watched it on my lunch break and can confirm that it’s a spicy mix of big mountain skiing, tragedy, and philosophy all put together without succumbing to the adventure film curse of being forced and corny as heck.

It’s also cinematically superb and features some terrifying POV shots of an avalanche.

Just be careful watching it at your desk – flipping between hootin’ & hollerin’ and bawling your eyes out for half an hour might raise questions in HR.

Feature photo by @fmarmsaterphoto