Snuba // Diving Deep at Port Noarlunga (SA)

Snuba diving was only invented twenty years ago and is still pretty foreign to most people. Port Noarlunga is the only place you can chuck a hose in your mouth, dive deep and kick it under water, whilst an air tank floats above supplying you with oxygen.


  • Being surrounded by different breeds of fish
  • The only place in Australia that you can Snuba
  • No experience required


Who the hell is Snuba? It’s more of a matter of what than who. Put simply, it is a cross between, snorkelling and scuba diving. Requiring no license at all, you take a regulator and a weight belt and head down below the ocean’s surface, while a Snuba raft floats above containing the air tanks. The 6m long airline attaches the raft to your harness, allowing you to swim around with the raft in tow.

Snuba // Diving Deep at Port Noarlunga (SA) jack brookes, fish, underwater, green, person , tube, surface

After diving down with my breath held, I remembered that I could just breathe normally, a sensation that felt foreign, but awesome. In the guided tour we swam roughly 5-6m deep – alongside the Port Noarlunga Reef – feeding the schools of sweep that swarmed around each of us. Long finned pike, old wives, common bullseye, silver drummer and zebra fish also poked out to say g’day during our forty minutes in the sea.

For more info you can check out all the details and costings at Port Noarlunga Snuba’s website.

Essential Gear

All the gear is supplied, which includes:

  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snuba harness & regulator
  • Weightbelt
  • Wetsuit
  • Raft with air tanks
  • A guide to tell you what’s up

How To Get There

Forty minutes from Adelaide CBD, the Port Noarlunga Snuba crew can be found on the foreshore.

Skill Level

Beginner – Eight-year-olds were doing it at the same time as us.


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