• Snowy Mountains foothills
  • 360-degree view of stunning Adjungbilly farmland
  • Curious cows

We all remember that default background on the old windows computers don’t we? The rolling lush green hills contrasted against a bright blue sky with a sprinkling of perfect puffy clouds. If not, then all you need to do is visit the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Adjungbilly (NSW) or any of the surrounding areas and you shall feel like you’ve been transported into your computer screen from 15 years ago.

One Sunday while working on a farm here to get my second-year visa we had the day off so naturally wanted to go exploring. We hopped on two of the farm’s dirt bikes, pointed to what looked like the highest peak we could see and said let’s find a way up there.

An hour or so, a couple of encounters with some curious cows and a few stalls later we made it up onto the ridgeline leading up to the summit (it was only a large hill). Some rock dodging and long grass whacking later and we had made it. 360-degree views of the pristine countryside and some well-shaped rocks to plonk down on and watch the world go by.

Essential gear required

  • Water
  • Dirtbikes (if available)
  • Feet will do otherwise

How to get there

Adjungbilly is about half way between Sydney and Melbourne in the foothills of the snowy mountains. About half an hour off the Hume highway with the turnoff at Coolac.

Click here for directions


  • Hiking
  • Dirt biking
  • Horse riding (BYO horse)

Skill level

Intermediate if hiking. Advanced if you are dirt biking (many steep rocky parts).

Distance covered / elevation gain

Exploring for the afternoon was about 15km around the hills.