Do you daydream of taking out a surf-comp? Of being carried up the beach by a sea of feverish supporters, all cheering, ‘yeeeeew’! The USANA SurfAid Cup is the perfect opportunity for every kook and grom to get barrels with the best of them! 

Grab that dusty lump of fibreglass you call a board, sign up with your crew and get training, because it’s less than six weeks until the USANA SurfAid Cup, held Friday 18 October at Manly Beach. Take a sneaky long weekend and spend it paddling into the surf for a good cause – who could complain? It’s a win-win-win!Get Barrelled For Good // Sign Up For The SurfAid Cup, surf, woman, ocean

Why We’re Stoked On SurfAid

SurfAid is a not-for-profit that we can whole-heartedly get behind. They’re about creating long term positive change for people connected to the surfing community, who live in isolated regions and face life-threatening health issues. Rather than being a FIFO not-for-profit, SurfAid focus on creating change that is powered by the local people and ensures positive health behaviours are sustained well beyond the life of a single project.

Get Barrelled For Good // Sign Up For The SurfAid Cup, surfboard, rashie, SurfAid

Since 2000, SurfAid has worked together with locals delivering programs such as malaria treatment and prevention, child and mother health support, access to clean water and the promotion of healthy sanitation practices. By providing a mix of practical support, education and empowerment they’ve changed the livelihood of thousands of people throughout Mexico and Indonesia. 

Get Barrelled For Good // Sign Up For The SurfAid Cup, surfing, paddle out, woman, smile

Charging For Change

The SurfAid Cup is a hell of a day down at the beach – a tag-team surf comp and annual fundraiser – you can’t help but be utterly stoked! Each registered team gets to surf with a pro to help them take out the gold. This also means you’re in a unique position to compete against other pros… you could take your kook dreams to the next level by riding home knowing you flogged Taj Burrow’s team. How bloody good is that?   

Get Barrelled For Good // Sign Up For The SurfAid Cup, ocean, wave, surfer, crowd

Turn your Friday into one that does good for your surfing practice, and helps create actual change for communities in need, one sloppy cutback at a time (plus a few really good ones from Flick Palmateer). See you in the line-up!


Keen to drop in on some gnarly barrels? Register your team, raise some sweet dosh and contact for more info.

Get Barrelled For Good // Sign Up For The SurfAid Cup, surfboard, wave, whitewash, stoke

Drop in, smack the lip, whappa!

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