October 1st is International Coffee Day, so we thought we’d get around it with a cheeky comp! Simply send your best ‘brew with a view’ photo to info@weareexplorers.com.au to enter. Chuck ‘Brew With A View’ in the subject so we don’t miss it!

It’s common knowledge that two rights make a better right. Wild swimming and sunshine, long weekends and paddle pools, vegemite and cheese…

Without a doubt, one of the strongest combos out there is a steamin’ hot cup of coffee and a ripper view. We know that you mint humans are crafting carpark cuppa joes and simmering surfside single-origins, so we want to see it!

We’ll send a merch pack from our store to the person who submits our favourite ‘brew with a view’ photo and share their photo on our Instagram.

Get grinding!


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Photo by Nick Kohn | @strokeofstoke

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