Local photographer Michael Harris shares his secrets of the South Coast for an epic micro or long weekender.

Secrets Of The South Coast (NSW) Michael Harris cliffs rock platform arch ocean sunset


  • Unique Coastline
  • Whale watching (in season)
  • Swimming

South Coast Magic

The South Coast of NSW is a magical place, from the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay in the north to the jagged rocky shoreline of the Sapphire coast in the south it is a truly unique stretch of land. Being born and raised in the area, together with my love of landscape photography I’ve spent more time exploring up and down the coast than I’ll admit but it has not been in vain….these are some of my secrets of the South Coast.

It’s entirely possible to visit all these spots in 1 day and if you add in some of the more well-known coastal spots in the area you can make a long weekend of it as well.

Secrets Of The South Coast (NSW) Michael Harris cliffs rock platform

Shellharbour Secrets

My first secret spot is 2 hours south of Sydney near the town of Shellharbour, here you’ll find Bass point and Killalea state park (you can camp here for less than $20 a night) and between the 2, after a scramble along the rocks is the arch, a 20 metre long, 6 metre high rock formation that is almost impossible to see until you are next to it, a unique feature of an already unique feature.

Kiama — Gerringong

Another 40 minute drive down the road is the town of Kiama, the starting point of a 6km stretch of trail between Kiama and Gerringong that hugs the cliff line between the rolling green hills and the ocean. The walk follows the lay of the land and as it rises and falls there are some opportunities to wander onto the pebbly beaches and explore further.

Around halfway into the walk is the perfect opportunity to do so as the trail drops down to sea level, luckily too because there are some unique features of the walk close by that are all but hidden from view. On the north end of the beach is an 8 metre high stone stack, the last apostle of the South Coast and at the other end is a sea cave.

In large swells the sea cave can become a blow hole and it’s easy to get too close, but the same rules apply to any exploring you do along the coast. Common sense is key, the rocks are slippery, the waves are powerful even at low tide and you can’t trust the ocean — never turn your back on it and play safe out there!

Secrets Of The South Coast (NSW) Michael Harris cliffs rock platform stack

Essential Gear

  • Good boots/shoes
  • Water and snacks


  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Photography

Skill Level


Distance / Elevation

About 10 – 12 km depending on how much you feel like doing.


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