Searching for the Secret Spots of Noosa’s National Park (QLD)


  • Caves.
  • Secret beaches.
  • Stunning views.

Now Noosa’s National Park is nothing short of stunning. Choose a track that takes your fancy and you shall not be disappointed. Be it the coastal track or one through the inland bush, all of them have some absolute gems to show you and are well worth the sunny afternoon stroll.

However, if like some you have done them before or like some people I met at the crack of dawn, you do them for your morning fitness fancy and know each viewpoint as a checkpoint to tick off before you get to jump in the shower before work.

If you are one of those people or, like me, enjoy getting off the track and exploring the unknown then the park does not disappoint. To the annoyance of my dorm mates in my hostel, my alarm went off at 4am and before I knew it I was at the northern end of sunshine beach, coffee in hand staring up at the steps that start the track vanishing into the distance ahead of me with one thought in my mind ‘I’d have to do these all over again to get home later’

The coastal track normally takes 2-4 hours depending on your pace but I spent the whole day trail blazing through the undergrowth and scrambling down rock faces to find the hidden spots unknown to most. Some caves I found for sunrise were the highlight and are a must do. My turn off to find them was near the top of the steps at the start of the trail there is a chain fence with 2 padlocks on it. work your way down to the headland and after a scramble and climb down a small cliff (very slippy, be careful) you’re rewarded with a huge double entrance to a cave at the waters edge.

The rest of the day was spent doing much of the same and finding gem after gem of hidden spots including an arch overlooking a hidden beach. Noosa’s National Park – Not one to be missed.

Essential gear required

  • The usual water and sunscreen
  • Swimmers
  • Good footwear
  • A good ol sense of discovering something

 How to get there

From Sunshine beach or Noosa Heads. There are many entrances into the park. 


  • Swimming
  • Adventuring
  • Hiking

 Skill Level

Any level. Tracks are well maintained

Distance covered / Elevation Gain

4km+ depending on route taken and exploring done