For Challenge number two, my colleague Haley George headed to the inviting dunes of Burrill lake, just south of Ulladulla on the South Coast. With her schmick fella Chris and their blue eyed bubba Georgia in tow, together they shredded the sandunes and ate their bodywieight in meat. Awesome Hales – love the vid!

On a sunny sunday arvo we packed our kids, our BBQ / combined esky (yes its a real thing and its AMAH-ZING two of the best inventions rolled into one!) and anything that could possibly slide and trekked through a few km of bush to come out on the headland of a beach called Supertubes at Burrill Lake.

bbq esky combinedWe spotted a dune with our name on it,  and made our way up the beach. Sandboarding o’clock.

What followed was hours of leg burning fun; sliding down the huge sand hill on body boards, sandboards, skate decks & waxed up cardboard boxes; watching the boys outdo each other with rubbish tricks and just waiting for the first injury.

How to round out a perfect day? Beers & bbq on the beach of course!

Gotta love Summer & gotta love the coast; we are surrounded by amazing spots & we love exploring each & every one of them!