Running’s one of the most versatile ways to explore a new area, but most apps focus on tracking, rather than the adventure. That’s what makes RunHunters different.


The idea for RunHunters was born off the back of founder Henry Talbot’s travels. He found it challenging to piece together information on where to find the best runs in places he was visiting, whether that’s on the trail or in cities.

The initial plan was to get local run groups to share their favourite routes, to avoid hacking together fragments of generic information from Strava, AllTrails, Google Maps and destination blogs, but it’s grown into something bigger.

Mapping It Out

The key problem to solve was creating a tool that was accurate and trustworthy in areas of poor connectivity, where so many running trails can be found.

‘Building mobile apps that leverage world-class mapping technology is hard and expensive, but we knew that if we didn’t set that as our first cornerstone then nothing else mattered. Whilst we’ve got a way to go, we’re really proud of the RunHunters app experience from a tiny, self-funded team’ says Co-Founder Matty.

How good?! Maps, route details, GPS tracking and real-time lat/long coordinates will all come to you in Aeroplane mode.

How’s RunHunters Different?

The goal is to help a runner have an awesome mini-adventure, either alone or with friends; the focus is on inspiration and helpful information, not performance tracking. RunHunters focuses on quality of information to ensure a great day out.

Each route is re-mapped to ensure accuracy for runners, and the team add surface type, important junctions, where to find toilets and water fountains, where to park and (perhaps most importantly) where to get a coffee or post-run beer.

matty abel, henry talbot, runhunters

RunHunters Co-Founders Henry Talbot and Matty Abel

So Who’s RunHunters For?

The team are seeing three main types of users. Firstly, there’s the traveller looking to keep up their fitness and explore a new area while on holiday (or a work trip).

Secondly, trail runners who are new to the sport and want to explore a bit deeper locally with confidence of their route.

And third? The hardcore ‘mountain goats’ who love having a tool they can use to help them navigate deeper into trails in areas with poor connectivity, knowing they have emergency features such as lat/long details to lean on if needed.

So what are you waiting for? You can download the RunHunters app for free. Get stuck in!

Feature photo by Chris Ord