We absolutely love hearing about original, somewhat bonkers adventure projects; adventures that give us a glimpse of the wildest, rawest parts of Australia and open our minds to whats out there and whats possible. To also highlight an impending environmental issue that threatens the future of this wilderness in the process? Well, that’s just bloody awesome.

In January 2014 Kurt Laboyrie and his friends spent a week running 140km across Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness. In full gear. Joined by legend Costa Georgiadis and model Laura Wells, what they found there blew them away. It’s undiscovered Australia at its best, and it needs all of us to help protect it.

The Tarkine is one of Australia’s hidden gems – nearly 1 million acres of pristine rainforest, buttongrass plains and coastline home to 60 endangered species, including the iconic Tasmanian Devil. Pure water, pure air, pure forest and ocean, and some of Australia’s most significant Aboriginal heritage. An absolute no-brainer for adventurers and tourists alike!

Despite being the one of the world’s largest tracts of temperate rainforest with tremendous untapped eco-touristic potential, less than 5% of the Tarkine Wilderness is protected as National Parkland and is currently under threat from open-cut mining and logging proposals which would decimate the area.

Get in on the action and get down to the Tarkine! To learn more about how you can help protect it, visit www.tarkine.org or responsiblerunners.org.