Aside from Kings Cross, the most enlightening walk in the Greater Sydney metropolis

This throwback voyage kickstarted our weekend escapes with a bang. If this is what you could do for free within 1 hour of Sydney, imagine what else is out there?!

Tom, Jamie, Clare-bear and myself formed our motley crew, bolting down to Cronulla on the 6pm train out of Central to catch the last boat across the water to Bundeena. We sneaked through security, the hoards of screaming children and someone who looked a lot like Jimmy Saville to a cluster of trees at the back of the campsite and slung up our hammocks for a covert nights slumber.

RNP Walk-3

Feeling more charged than a herd of Pamplona bulls, we set off along the 26km trail towards Otford at the bottom of the Royal National Park. The journey took two days along the coast footpath, which traverses sandstone cliff faces, dips into secluded bays, winds through rainforest, through remote settlements and along wild surf beaches. None of us could believe that this place is just 1 hour from the CBD!

You can bosh this out in one day if your either an idiot or on speed, so you’re much better of breaking it up with a nights camping at North Era, now a favoured retreat for the our crew.

So what are you waiting for? Fill your backpack with your essentials and get rambling.

RNP Walk-7