There has always been a large, looming mountain near Jade’s hometown, but she never knew the name of it or had made an attempt to climb it. Almost every day for 17 years of living there she would see Flinders Peak and marvel at it. After recently returning and seeing the cliffs again, Jade decided this would be the weekend she’d see the view from the top.


  • Rock Scrambling
  • Multiple epic view points
  • Exploring caves off track
  • Sitting in a rain cloud eating a Nutella sandwich
  • Possible mountain camping

Rock Scrambling & Cave Exploring at Flinders Peak Jade Stephens Flinders Peak QLD dirt road

The Lowdown

With a class 5 trail rating, I knew I was probably in for a hard slog with this one. Boy was I correct — the entire climb is a relentless, unforgiving uphill battle. Marked with small orange arrows on the occasional tree or rock to lead you in the right direction, the track winds up several separate ascents to incredible rocky viewpoints both north and south.

After about the third ascent and pitstop the track begins to turn into large boulder climbing, requiring sturdy footwear and both hands available. From here the track flattens out across the ridge between the 2 peaks (thankfully!), but then steadily turns into extensive vertical rock scrambling with a steep ascent to the peak of the mountain.

Rock Scrambling & Cave Exploring at Flinders Peak Jade Stephens Flinders Peak QLD mountains mist

From here, there are incredible 360° views out to Brisbane, as well as south towards Lamington National Park. On top of the mountain were the remnants of a recent campfire with a nearby flat grassy area — perfect for pitching your tent.

For those who are rock climbers, there is a large rock column just at the base of the Flinders Peak Cliffs which is available to conquer as well as other marked rock climbing areas along the ridge. There are also several caves that can be explored off track, meaning this hike can easily turn into a full day adventure of hiking, rock climbing and cave exploring with the right equipment.

Although it wasn’t a perfectly clear day while I was up there, the light showers meant I was able to watch the clouds and rain roll across the mountains below. Sitting in a rain cloud, looking out towards Brisbane eating a Nutella sandwich was definitely a highlight of this hike and the best way to experience the mountain I had spent years living near.

Rock Scrambling & Cave Exploring at Flinders Peak Jade Stephens Flinders Peak QLD mountains shoes

Essential Gear

  • Sturdy boots
  • Plenty of water
  • Food
  • Gloves for rock scrambling

How To Get There

The hike commences at Flinders Peak Picnic Area, 1 hour west of Brisbane. Take the Cunningham highway and exit onto Ipswich-Boonah road. Left onto Mount Flinders Road and follow the dirt track until you reach the picnic area.


  • Hiking
  • Rock scrambling
  • Photography
  • Possible rock climbing (If you have gear)
  • Cave exploring

Skill Level

Intermediate — good fitness and navigational skills required.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Duration

7km / 649m above sea level / 4-5 hours return


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