Every second year, Kristy and her brother head from Sydney to Melbourne to see family. The last 2 trips, they’ve driven down in her brother’s car, but this time he had a van. Cue awesome road trip, banger spots and a great prop for photos.

Horse Head Rock

Our first stop was to capture sunrise at Horse Head Rock located near the small coastal town of Bermagui. We parked the van at Camel Rock car park. As we set out the heart started racing and the excitement took hold as I quickly walked across the beach in search of Horse Head rock!

I knew it wouldn’t be obvious at first so we kept climbing over the rocks until BOOM you turn around and there it is in all its glory. It is an incredible sight! It was easy to find and easy to walk around to find it, it is recommended to go at low tide.

When we had finished taking many photos we headed back as high tide was approaching but we still managed to get back fine, just had time to go a little slower. I guess every experience would be different.

road trippin' sydney to melbourne Kristy Rowe

The Otway Fly Treetop Zipline

My Dad took us to The Otway Fly Treetop zipline, which was fun indeed. It is a 2.5 hour, fully guided experience and includes training and simulation, 8 cloud stations, 6 flights and 2 suspension bridges. After this experience, he recalled some waterfalls that were nearby so we set off to find them. Triplet Falls is one of the iconic visitor sites in the Great Otway National Park.  After walking around the walking track I could hear the sound of the waterfalls.

Triplet Falls

After walking around the walking track I could hear the sound of the waterfalls. However, when reaching the viewing platform the waterfalls were blocked by trees.  It didn’t take me long to see the dirt tracks either side of the platform.

The heart began racing again as I set off on a new adventure that took me down the very steep dirt tracks. I came across a small group of people who were enjoying a little picnic down at the bottom. I passed them in search of more! It was absolutely breathtaking, exploring the untouched beauty, lush green colours, shiny grey rocks covered in green moss, huge fallen trees to climb on and multiple waterfalls. It was an experience and a feeling I won’t forget.

After many minutes of exploring, my brother soon found me and joined me on exploring this incredible area. We climbed up onto a massive fallen tree to take photos.

road trippin' sydney to melbourne Kristy Rowe

Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree is a stunning location to capture the sunset and the famous black swans. And if you feel like a decent 6km run, it is the perfect place to take in many views as you run around the lake.

Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill is situated within Bago State Forest. And although the actual walk is only 500m in length it is an awe-inspiring experience.  The canopy of the towering pine trees meet overhead while every footfall is softened by the carpet of pine needles.  This natural cathedral is breathtaking in all seasons but has an extra magic when covered with snow. I certainly need to tick a snow shot off my list from this location so another trip is certainly on the cards!

Essential Gear

  • Camera (I used a Canon 5Dmk3)
  • Phone (for maps)
  • Head torch
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Tripod
  • An adventure buddy

How To Get There

Make your own stops along the way from Sydney to Melbourne as you come across scenic locations. We stopped a few times to capture the early morning fog along deserted roads and chased the sunrise along the freeway. We chose to stop at Horse Head in Bermguui, Triplet Falls in Victoria, Wendouree Lake in Ballarat and Laurel Hill in NSW.


If you have the option to travel in a van, there are plenty of places you could sleep in the car along the way. Activities can include:

Skill level


Distance Covered

Triplet Falls walk: 2km Little Aire Walk: 4.5km This walk leads off the Triplet Falls track and passes through spectacular rainforest
Horse Head Rock: 2km climbing over rocks and sand
Laurel Hill: half a kilometre. There are a few different ways to enter, I found the long way and ended up walking up a very steep hill and climbing over fallen trees.

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