Reinhold Messner’s new film The Great Peak focuses on the history of Cima Grande, a striking tower in the Italian Dolomites.


We Are Explorers is famously not all about ice-pick wielding adventurers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t inspire the heck out of us. Reinhold Messner – the gruff Italian mountaineer with the hair – has reached almost mythical status.

Messner holds records for the first solo climb of Everest and the first ascent without oxygen, and was also the first bloke to ascend all 14 of Nepal’s 8000m peaks (all without oxygen), has crossed Antarctica on skis (2800km) and walked across the Gobi Desert (2000km). He’s kind of a big deal.

His new film The Great Peak is about a different mountain however, Cima Grande, part of Tre Cime di Lavaredo (The Three Peaks of Lavaredo) in northeastern Italy. At 2999m, Cima Grande isn’t the tallest mountain, but it’s steeped in climbing history and features one of the Great North Faces of the Alps – a huge wall that is still a challenge today.  The Great Peak celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by telling the story of the mountain.

Messner narrates the film, accompanied by historical reenactments that’ll make you bite your nails clean off. Don’t worry though, the free solo at the end should calm you right down!


How To Watch The Great Peak

The legends over at Adventure+ have brought The Great Peak to the comfort of your home with their streaming service. A $10 ticket will get you access to a live Q&A session with Reinhold Messner himself and a screening of the film that’s valid for 48 hours.

The live session is Thursday the 9th of July at 7.00pm AEST (yep, tomorrow!) so grab a ticket now.


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