To borrow some iconic words from the Cool Runnings crew, ‘Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s Fat bike time’.

Fat bikes came onto the global scene a couple of years ago with a promise to change the game. They opened up the possibility for two wheeled adventures in environments that until then simply hadn’t been explored from the perch of a bicycle saddle.

Designed to handle sand or snow conditions like never before, they’ve even replaced more traditional MTB trails for those looking for a new experience (and to turn a few heads in the process).

From Specialized to Surly, nearly every bike brand you recognise now produce their own version of what was once a very niche type of bicycle. There’s certainly a growing demand and enthusiasm for fat bikes globally, and being utterly spoilt with mind-boggling Australian landscapes in our backyards, it was only a matter of time before they came down under.

In recent years Reid Cycles have shaken and stirred the scene for all the right reasons, in doing so they’ve become an integral part of cycling’s resurgence in Australia. Thanks to a well crafted direct-to-market model, cyclists from every end of the spectrum around the country have been able to put the fun between their legs without having to re-mortgage their house!

What’s more, the incredible value Reid offer should not lead you to think they sacrifice on quality. Oh no, in fact you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the specs and components used across all forms of riding, and their new fat bike range is no different. And let’s face it, they look ace.

fat bikes stockton dunes

The Test

I escaped to Stockton Dunes recently to give these a test-run, and had the most fun I’ve had since my first ride without stabalisers as a 5 year old.

We dropped the psi to around 10, and let the good time’s roll.

“The bike’s extra large 4 inch wide tires provided optimal grip to the sand, allowing us to power through conditions and obstacles that might cause a less endowed bike to swerve and lose control. We popped into turns and skidded out of them, hopping over the occasional patch of foliage and taking comfort in the fact our falls were met by sand and not tarmac. It was incredible.”

The thick sand provided a bit of a challenge; the wheelspin and distance covered reminded me more of a gym-bike than anything else. However, once on a downhill or harder, wetter sand, the bikes really shone and performed very well. My slightly manic grin might have given that away…maybe it was because at times I felt like I was riding some sort of Mad Max-mobile!

This is the perfect bike to get you into the outdoors in an entirely unique way. With this in your arsenal, the opportunity for adventure is guaranteed to jump up a notch or three. Beach escapes, trips to the snow in winter, MTB trails and bike-packing in the mountains (they come with mounts for racks so you could even do an overnighter!)

To prove just how tough these bad-boys are, the Zeus was used recently to cross 590km of the outback for the infamous Simpson Desert Challenge (and if that’s not proof of the bike’s durability, I don’t know what is).

So aside from looking more badass than Chuck Norris in a commando suit – the price tag is unbeatable. $799 (for the Ares) and $999 (for the Zeus) is even more extraordinary than the 4 inch wide tyres it packs! Considering the high quality of components this really is extraordinary, making this fun-machine not only achievable to buy, but also fantastic value for money.

It therefore becomes a question of, “do I have space in my garage?”

To get one for yourself this Summer, just head here!