R U OK? Day feels a little different this year. But maybe nature has a solution for us.


Life in 2020 is off the richter-scale. And as much as we can look ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no denying we’re not out of the darkness just yet. 

To our mates in Victoria who are doing it especially tough, we’re thinking of you all the time and can’t wait for the day we can explore with you again. It seems like an eternity, but it’s getting closer with every passing day.

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R U OK? Day is a Little Different in 2020

Surely there aren’t many people who are answering the question, ‘R U OK?’ with an honest and resounding ‘Yeah mate, always!’ this year.

Asking other people, ‘R U OK?’ is one thing. But maybe it’s time to think about what your answer would be if someone said that to you. Ask yourself ‘Am I ok?’.

We’re all doing it tough in one way or another right now. And although having a support network to lean on is vital, sometimes those we turn to for help aren’t strong enough to hold themselves up, let alone us too. 

You can’t pour from an empty cup, and at the moment, everyone seems to be running dry. But maybe nature can help you replenish your own cup, so you can help others fill theirs too.  


Nature Can Help To Balance Your Mental Health

If lockdowns and quarantines have taught us anything, it’s how fundamental nature is to our mental health. Being trapped inside four walls for days and weeks on end ain’t good for our hearts, minds and souls. We need open spaces, fresh air and the gentle hum of nature to sustain us. 

It doesn’t take long for time in nature to start benefiting our wellbeing. Sometimes just a few minutes outdoors is enough to shift and lift our mood. Maybe it’s the squawk of cockatoos as they fly overhead, the soft pink of clouds above the ocean as the sun descends or that first icy chill as you splash into a stream. 

The effect of nature on our mental health isn’t just something we feel individually, it’s a collective understanding, with dollar value. It’s worth more than its given credit for. 

So at a time when everyone is struggling, turn to nature. It’s as solid as a rock.



Feature photo by @christine_zelezny