Bianca Tyre got fed up of watching her fella’s mates head out to the hills on their quad bikes, so decided to join them on the latest trip into the hills of Oberon, Central NSW. Good on ya!

Bianca Explorer Challenge edited-4

1. Your name and theme song?

Bianca Tye, Katy Perrys Roar (upbeat and energetic song)

2. Brief description of your explorer challenge?

First time Quad Biking with my husbands mates out in Oberon, NSW.

3. Highlight?

Venturing through the forest and watching all the dirt fly up and around me

4. Funniest moment?

When the others stalled or got stuck going through the river

5. Why do you love NSW?

There is so much to do, from the city to the country, exploring the outdoors in all sorts of weather.

Well done Bianca!

Bianca Explorer Challenge edited-1

Bianca Explorer Challenge edited-3