Without being able to head outside on adventures, Jono didn’t think he’d have anything to take photos of for months. He just had to look a little harder.


Being a photographer during the pandemic can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, we’ve all got projects that we’ve put on the back burner, and if you’re lucky, maybe a job or two to work on. But what happens when you’re all out of projects? It’s time to put your days in isolation-station to good use. Here are a few ways you can inject some life into your camera.

1. Bring The Outdoors To You

Why head to the outdoors when you can bring the outdoors to you? No, I’m not talking about hopping on Uber Eats and ordering a multi-day hike for your main and a swim for the side. Use your imagination to recreate the wild within your four walls. Erin Sullivan’s been hiking through enchanted broccoli forests, explored some sugar sand dunes, and even kayaked on jello lake for goodness sake.

2. Nature In Your Backyard

I was sitting in my backyard the other day trying to get my daily dose of vitamin D, when I noticed a beautiful white butterfly dancing around my kale. Being a proud plant Dad, I ran up to my room and grabbed my camera to snap a photo. After taking a few shots of this glorious butterfly-kale combo, my eye was immediately drawn to all the other insects popping up my backyard. 

So, did I encircle my kale for the better part of an hour, looking like I’d lost the plot? Yes. But I also enjoyed shooting something I’d never thought of otherwise capturing, and I encourage you to do the same.

3. Back Up All Of Your Images

When’s the last time you backed up your photos? Yeah I’m talking about the ones of that last multi-day hike or even that coastal hang with the gang. Though it can be time consuming, you won’t regret putting in the hard yakka and keeping your memories at hand forever. Need some advice on where to start? We’ve got six tips on how to organise your adventure photos.


Jonathan Tan, @thetantrap

4. Run & Gun

We all know that exercise is on the approved list of activities we can do outdoors, while we lock down for the greater good of public health. On your next run, why not have your cam in hand while you sweat up a storm? You’ll come across details, perspectives and subjects that you’d otherwise never see in your day. Stop, snap, and sprint away. You might surprise yourself at what you see when you’re consciously looking for new things to shoot.


5. Shoot Portraits

Now’s the perfect chance to play with some portraits. So grab your wives, grab your kids, or grab that annoying housemate that talks way too much and set up a shoot. Whip out your low aperture portrait lens, and get crafty with your surroundings. Experiment with elements such as light sources, shadows, and compositions. The perfect portrait is what you make of it. And who knows, you might come away with a few more portfolio pieces once you’re through.



Feature photo by @thetantrap