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28 October // Wilderness Navigation Course – Sydney



28 October 2017

Whether you heading on a short day hike or a multi-day epic, the ability to navigate properly is the most important skill for anyone heading into the wild.

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Partnering with the experts at BMAC, we’ve created a custom Wilderness Navigation Course that is perfect for those with little or no navigation experience.

The course covers the basics of navigation and will equip you with the skills necessary to feel more confident in the wild, including how to use a map, how to use a compass, how to estimate distance and basic feature recognition. You’ll also receive exclusive video course materials.

All equipment, including maps and compass is provided.

1 Day Navigation Course

We’ll meet at a secret camp location in the upper Blue Mountains at 9am, and begin the course. Some of the content covered will include:

  • How to use a map (eg features of a map, map orientation, grid references, land features etc)
  • How to use a compass (e.g. magnetic variation, bearings, measuring distance, etc)
  • How to estimate distance (bearings and timing)
  • Basic feature recognition
  • Navigation in tracked and basic untracked areas
  • What to look for when buying a compass
  • More advanced reading of topographic maps
  • How to stay unlost
  • How to figure out where you are when “geographically embarrassed”
  • How to give your position to emergency services when things don’t go to plan.
  • Bonus tips for navigation at night or in poor weather

Once the course is completed everyone has the option to carry on the Explorer party back at camp.


  • Instruction from Australian experts
  • Full insurances and permits
  • Equipment and maps provided
  • Lunch and snacks
  • A pack, beanie, raincoat (an average one!), fleece, thermal top, water bottle, mug (for hot brew at lunch), and lots of emergency and other group gear

Gear to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes suited to the weather. As a general rule we recommend:
    • Long sleeves and pants for sun and scratch protection
    • Wool, synthetic and fleece fabrics (no cotton or denim)
    • Comfortable, enclosed shoes that you wear regularly.  Your feet may get wet and muddy. Heavy hiking boots aren’t necessary.
  • Sun hat, sunscreen and beanie
  • Rain jacket
  • Hair tie for those with long hair
  • Water bottle – at least 1.5 litres
  • Personal medication (Ventolin/EpiPen etc)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Camera – there are some excellent photo opportunities along the way

Climate and Weather

The climate of the Upper Blue Mountains is somewhat cooler than the lower Sydney region. With Katoomba being 1030 metres (3380 feet) above Sea Level, temperatures are often up to 10°C lower than Sydney. During the winter months the average temperature in the Upper Mountains is around 5°C (41°F).

The Blue Mountains has a similar rainfall to Sydney, with the Upper Blue Mountains receiving an average of around 1050mm (41 inches) per year. Winter rainfall is more persistent drizzle, but can bring large downpours. The upper Blue Mountains also occasionally experiences snowfall, but despite the cool temperatures there are rarely more than 5 snow days per year.

Please be aware that our weather patterns all year around can be unpredictable and may change suddenly.


  • 10.2°C Average Maximum Temperature
  • 3.2°C Average Minimum Temperature
  • 21mm Average Rainfall per week
  • 7- Average number of Rainy Days per month

We generally run our experiences in all but the most extreme weather conditions. Moderate wind, drizzle, rain and mist do not impact on the safety of our operations and your adventure will depart as normal. Of course if we have concerns about the weather we’ll try to let you know in advance, and if you’re concerned then please feel free to give the office a call; we are always happy to chat.

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Start date: 28/10/2017

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Venue: Blue Mountains National Park

Phone: 02 6684 0195

Email: ellie@weareexplorers.com.au