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21 – 22 October // Wilderness Photography Escape – Sydney



21 – 22 October 2017

We’re super excited to announce our next wilderness photography escape with adventure photographer Jake Anderson, bringing you an unforgettable weekend trip in the wild.

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Our custom-designed Wilderness Photography Escape combines a wild camping experience with an adventure photography workshop.

In this collaboration between Jake Anderson and a professional guiding company, you’ll learn all the core skills necessary to head out on your own camping adventures and capture them beautifully. Your Instagram feed will also go bananas, if that’s what you’re into.

Sleep in the wild, learn new skills, feel inspired, embrace nature, digitally detox and form new friendships among like-minded weekend explorers.


  • Expert hosts delivering a unique and immersive adventure photography experience
  • Full insurances and permits
  • Some food and drinks


  • Travel to the location
  • Clothing kit (we’ll advise)
  • Camping Gear (we can organise for a small fee if you don’t have certain items)


  • The basic fundamentals of photography
  • How ISO, shutter speed & aperture work together
  • Composition and framing to get that ‘banger’ shot
  • How to nail Astrophotography (if conditions are right)
  • Long exposure (we’ll also visit a waterfall)
  • How to get out of automatic and shoot in ‘manual’ mode
  • Focal points, lengths and depth of field
  • How to correctly use Filters
  • Social media growth hacks

The style of photography you’ll be learning will be a mix of landscape, astro and and adventure lifestyle shots.


  • Develop basic navigation skills
  • Learn how to read a topographic map
  • How to pack a bag properly
  • Where to pitch your tent safely
  • Water filtration techniques
  • Fire starting and wood collection
  • How to cooking basic camping meals
  • Staying warm
  • Gear tips, tricks and various camping hacks


We leave early on Saturday morning with our rendezvous point at a car park in the mountains. You will need to make your own way here in your own transport, although car-pooling will be encouraged.

We’ll hike for approximately 10km via a waterfall and wild-swimming holes to our secret campsite to set-up and then into position for an epic sunset shoot. After a campfire feast we’ll then enter astrophotography mode to hopefully capture the milky way in all her glory.

On Sunday we’ll wake before the lyrebirds to capture sunrise, a bacon sanger or two before continuing the hiking loop back to our cars.

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wilderness photography escape


The We Are Explorers Wilderness Photography Escape was truly awesome. It was to be an action-packed two days of hiking through serene forest and striking mountains, with frequent breaks to swim in secluded creeks. Henry, Jake and Dylan each did an outstanding job of making the trip thoroughly enjoyable, and I am entirely grateful for such a memorable adventure.”
Emily M, 25

“The photography and wilderness skills acquired throughout the trip are unlike any you would ever find in any book, because they are delivered to you with good laughs and in natures best classroom. I would recommend this trip to anyone seeking not only skills but adventure and an excuse to hit the trails and hang out with a group of like-minded people.”
Frank C, 19

“A exciting yet relaxing weekend amongst new found friends. We Are Explorers unlocked the outdoors and reawakened my love of adventure. Creeks, smiles, camping, photography tips & an epic workout – I am so glad I booked this all the way from Uruguay! No need to travel – there is so much to explore here at home!”
Erin L, 26

“My adventure with WAE into the Grose Valley was my first proper hiking adventure, from the very beginning I was put at ease by the WAE team who were amply prepared for what would turn out to be a great experience. The beauty of the experience is told by the photos, but what the photos cannot show is that organisation of the adventure. I can guarantee that I will be doing another adventure with WAE and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Gio M, 25

“Had an absolutely fantastic weekend with the guys from We Are Explorers, I had no idea that I was going to meet such amazing people and have such a brilliant time! Learnt absolutely loads, and it was lovely exploring a new area. Thanks again to Henry for organising such an epic weekend!”
Bella P, 23

“A cracking weekend filled with great conversation, laughter, bruises and some tight calve muscles! Henry, Dylan and Jake were absolute legends whom were generous in sharing their vast experience, knowledge and advice. We couldn’t have had a better time sharing stories and discussing adventures that have been and are to come. All in all, a quality weekend with a quality group of people.”
Helaina A, 21

Please note all tickets are non-refundable but happy to transfer to another person (although we are not responsible for finding that person!).

We Are Explorers is on a mission to make the outdoors easy and accessible, inspiring millennials to leave their comfort zones and experience nature in its purest forms.
Our experiences are hand-crafted to encapsulate the spirit of adventure and take away the fuss and barriers that currently stop people from getting out there.

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Start date: 21/10/2017

End date: 22/10/2017

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Venue: Blue Mountains National Park

Phone: 02 6684 0195

Email: ellie@weareexplorers.com.au