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14 – 15 October // Wilderness Climbing Escape – Melbourne



14-15 October 2017

This is the perfect introduction to outdoor rock climbing and abseiling for Victorian based explorers.

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Are you curious about rock-climbing in the outdoors? Don’t have the gear but want to give it a go? Then come along to our Wilderness Climbing Escape within reach of Melbourne!

Teaming up with the Melbourne Climbing School, we’ll provide all the safety equipment and training you need for two exciting days of rock-climbing and abseiling on some of Victoria’s most spectacular rock formations. You will be free to have fun all day, knowing that a certified, experienced and very friendly rock-climbing guide is willing and able to handle all the safety stuff for you.

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Rough Itinerary and details: 

The day starts at a pre-agreed location (generally the camp site at Mt Arapiles), where you will meet your guide who will supply you with a harness, helmet and other essential safety equipment for the day. We will also check that you have appropriate clothing, footwear, and enough lunch and water for 6-8 hours away from the base.

Depending on the climbing location we’ll walk for 5-30 minutes through some beautiful bushland to reach the cliff face.

Your guide will have you fit harnesses and helmets in a secure location while he/she uses ropes to ready the rock face for climbing.

From there, a safety instruction briefing will take place, showing you how to secure the rope while your partner climbs. This is called belaying – if you have climbed indoors before this briefing is very similar to the one you would have received then.

Over the next few hours, and with the constant supervision and encouragement from your guide, you are free to challenge your fitness and comfort level and to have a lot of fun! Your guide will take care of setting up new climbs as necessary so there is plenty of “new” rock climbs to keep you challenged.

After a lunch break, the second session will kick off. Near the end of this session, your guide will remove the rigging and show you how the equipment gets packed away.

We will do a final visual check of the area making sure nothing is left, then walk back to the base together.

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  • Camping Fees
  • Park-Use fees
  • 2 x lunches
  • All climbing-specific gear, guides and instruction


  • Transport
  • Camping gear
  • Breakfast and Dinners

Essential Gear / Packing List for attendees

We’ll provide all of the rock-climbing specific equipment for you, this includes harness, helmet, belay device and carabiner. However we do not currently have climbing shoes available (runners will be fine for footwear). If you wish to bring your own climbing shoes you may do so.

Additionally, there are a few things that you should make sure to have with you during the day to get maximum enjoyment out. They are:


  • Sturdy clothing suitable for rock-climbing and abseiling. This usually means a pair of pants or shorts that aren’t too loose (note: skirts, sashes or robes won’t work because you can’t put the harness on over them), a t-shirt or long-sleeved top without any dangly bits (ribbons etc), and is unlikely to come loose when pulled around by the harness/rope etc. Consider that you will be climbing above other people who are able to look straight up – and dress appropriately!
  • Socks and closed footwear suitable for light hiking in the bush – these should also not be too loose
  • Rain-coat
  • Warm jacket and/or clothing suitable for cold weather
  • Sunhat and/or clothing suitable for sunny weather


  • A packed lunch is provided for this trip – please notify any dietary requirements
  • At least 1L of water


  • A camera!

Meeting / End Point

Mt Arapiles

Experience Level required

You don’t need to have climbed before, even at an indoor climbing gym. However if you have, then you will have already learned to “belay” a partner – this skill will help, as we use a similar skill in the outdoors. Either way, your guide will cover these basics with you before you start.

Min / Max group size:

Min 4, Max 8


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Additional information

Ticket Type

Early Bird, General

Event Details

Start date: 14/10/2017

End date: 15/10/2017

Start time: 08:00 p.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.

Venue: Mt Arapiles

Phone: 02 6684 0195

Email: ellie@weareexplorers.com.au