You’ve just had the kind of weekend that makes your mates and colleagues shake their head in disbelief. On Saturday morning you were scaling a mountain in the dawn light, then it was straight into a kayak for a thrash down the river before beers under the Milky Way. And that was just day one…

Now it’s Monday morning and you’re tanking. The good vibes that sprung you out of bed have crumbled beneath you as the realisation hits; it isn’t the weekend anymore. Bills exist, as do deadlines, and life stretches out, meaningless and empty before you.

Dude. Stay away from the void! You’re simply suffering the symptoms of Post-Weekend Depression. Now recognised by doctors everywhere*, PWD is simply your body making up for the highs of a rad weekend with a big dollop of sadness and nostalgia.

But don’t worry! Follow these tips to push through the pain and come out raring to go on your next adventure (and tackle that pesky week ahead).

*My mate’s a doctor, he says it’s a thing.

1. Reach Out

You don’t have to go it alone. Hit up the group chat for some support. Call a mate who was there and have a bitch about how every day should be like last Sunday, or how buggered you are. Rage against the system and discuss buying a van. Tell a colleague about your weekend and realise how achingly good your two days off were compared to theirs.

PWD only rears its ugly head when you go it alone, but if you’re a solo adventurer you’re probably OK with that.


2. Write It Up!

Sometimes you just have to tackle things head on. Putting your weekend into words can be a cathartic process that re-immerses you in the best moments of your trip, providing that escape closure that you’re after. Sure you’re basically diving back into your memories but hey, geddem while they’re fresh right?

You’ll still remember the in-jokes, the names of places you went, the species you saw and the taste of that new camp recipe you tried. Go on, capture those awesome memories, they’re never going to be more vivid than right now.

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3. Treat Yo Self

You worked hard last weekend right? Yes? Kinda? The point is that you got outdoors instead of nestling into the couch or overindulging at the pub. Your life is probably a shambles because you didn’t do any washing, cleaning or life admin again, so screw it! Take yourself out to a café and buy a 5 dollar coffee. Or get a burrito delivered to your door. It’s 2018, Mondays still suck and food still doesn’t, so make the most of it.



4. Edit & Organise Your Photos

Why do we procrastinate organising our shots from the weekend? It’s rewarding, you’re technically getting something done and your social feeds will thank you for it (if you’re into that). Yet often, it’s not until the next trip that you remember that you’re sitting on a treasure-trove of pixels. In these digital days, getting those shots organised ASAP is the best way to guarantee they’re ever seen at all.

Humans are incredibly visual creatures so pumping that visual cortex is one of the easiest ways to cruise off to daydream land. Get stuck in.

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5. Find Your Next Adventure

Did you know that 85% of people go on one weekend adventure and then never leave the house again? OK, not true, but there’s no doubt that hitting up a fun activity and then never doing it again is all too common.

So you’re sad the bonkers weekend you’ve been looking forward to for months is finally over? Chin up sunshine, you can just plan another one! Best done after psyching up on the last weekend (by writing about it and sorting your photos maybe?) This is a sure fire way to build good habits that’ll keep you sucking the nectar out of your days off for years to come.


6. Unpack Your Bag


Feature photo by @baulch_tales