Karioi is a new film from Patagonia about a community coming together to restore the habitat of at-risk seabirds in New Zealand, and it’s premiering online at 6pm TONIGHT! 


Did you know New Zealand is home to a third of the world’s seabirds? 

But unlike most birds in Aus, without native predators to force them up high, birds in Kiwiland have evolved to live on the land, not the sky. The oi (grey-faced petrel) for example, makes its home in burrows on the ground. 

So when predatory species were introduced to New Zealand, these ground-dwelling birds were bloody easy targets! 

Luckily a wholesome community in Raglan on New Zealand’s North Island are doing something about it. What started in 2009 as an effort to restore Karioi, the seabird mountain where ois nest, has blossomed into a community-led initiative 350 volunteers strong known as The Karioi Project.

The Karioi Project is now working to restore the dwindling oi population, preserve biodiversity in the area, eradicate introduced predators and run educational programs about the area’s ecology, connecting people back to the land. 

What a bloody feat! How good’s community-led conservation! 




The film is narrated by New Zealand born surfer and Patagonia Global Sport Activist, Dave Rastovich.

‘As a surfer, I’ve been lucky enough to have surfed around the world and seen the great work coastal communities are carrying out to look after their shared ecologies,’ said Dave.

‘I would have to say that Raglan’s effort to care for country, and especially the migrating seabirds that call that rugged coast home, offers one of the most inspiring stories of working together for the benefit of all local creatures.’

Dave will be kicking off the premiere tonight with a Q&A alongside The Karioi Project Manager, Kristel Van Houte.

Take a quick squiz at the trailer now before watching the whole short film at 6pm (AEST) TONIGHT. Don’t forget to register!

Watch Karioi Tonight!


Feature photo thanks to Jwain Milek