Owly Packs is a Kickstarter campaign selling a pretty extra modulating backpack. Check it out. 

When buying a backpack, there’s so many questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the most useful bag possible.

What size should it be? 40 litres? 50? 60? What am I going to use it for? Hiking? Travel? Hammocking? How many days worth of stuff do I need to be able to shove into this thing? What if I run out of space inside, can I strap stuff to the outside? How will I chill my tinnies? All great questions.

Owly Packs listened to the people and have crowdfunded a 50L modular backpack that has add ons EVERYWHERE. 

Firstly, it comes with both short and long straps for securely plastering all those last-minute extras onto your pack. If you’re keen to bring along some brewskis or snacks that need to be kept chill, just pop them in the 15.5L cooler bag and connect it to the bottom of the pack. Need extra space for your toiletries and a sneaky extra pair of shoes? Chuck ‘em in the 2.5L side bags and connect them to the pack. 

There’s even a two-person tent add on, that can be pitched on the ground (derr) OR from a coupla trees. Yes. It’s a hammock tent. Dreams coming true. 

Hiking with the kitchen sink? Check out the Kickstarter campaign and get modulating!


Where are you going to hike to with your new pack?

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