Camping at Lake Moogerah in the Moogerah Peaks National Park might be the ultimate low effort, cruisy microadventure. This cheeky Brisbane micro is perfect for when you just want to get out into nature with your mates whilst barely lifting a finger. 


  • Escape the city
  • Lakeside camp
  • Excellent spot for sunrise and sunset
  • Great views of Moogerah Peaks
The Lowdown

After an especially boring day of putting off Uni work it was adventure time! A mate and I quickly got together our camping and camera gear and decided to tackle Lake Moogerah for a quick overnighter.

The hour and a half drive from Brisbane got us to the base of Lake Moogerah where we got out and soaked up the last of the warm afternoon light. We popped up the tent right beside the lake, knowing the next morning’s sunrise would be special. Having a small campfire while chatting about life, drinking coffee and listening to light music made the experience even better.

Harry Candlin Overnighter At Lake Moogerah QLD. fire, lake, mountain, person, firelight, clouds

Waking up in the morning to zero degrees and no thermals was enough to make us reconsider getting up. Nonetheless, the piercing light, the low lying fog and the landscape was something to lust over. The best part about it was we didn’t feel close to Brisbane at all. Instead we felt hours and hours away; something that made the place even more memorable.

Essential Gear

  • Tent
  • Cooking gear and food
  • Sleeping gear
  • Jacket and warm Clothes
  • Good shoes
  • Camera, lenses and tripod

How To Get There

Moogerah Peaks National Park is 100km or one and a half hours south of Brisbane, past Ipswich.


  • Relaxing by the lake
  • Music
  • Campfire
  • Photography
  • Swimming (in the summer)

Skill Level


Distance Covered

Camped about 50m from the car.