The We Are Explorers crew is heading down to Victoria for the Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival. Three days of short and feature-length adventure docos with Australia’s frothiest adventure community royalty is set to be a blast, but what films are topping our lists? I quizzed the crew on their must-sees.

We’re also running a How To Live More Adventurously talk panel at 1:00pm on the Saturday and a Microadventure at 9.00am on the Sunday. See ya there!

Mattie Gould – Content Editor & Writer

Free Flow, Bewildered

When it comes to film festivals, I really love feasting on short films. Show me five minutes of someone doing something totally rad and fully inspirational and I’ll be there. My favourite thing about film fests is walking away inspired to try something new, go somewhere fresh, or a juicy combo of the two.

I grew up in England and we spent every summer holidaying in Wales. So for a bit of nostalgia, I’m looking forward to watching the short film Free Flow, showcasing Hazel Findlay running and climbing her way across the mountains of Snowdonia.

free flow, port fairy adventure film festival

Free Flow with Hazel Findlay

I’m also keen to hear Laura Waters talk about her epic hike along the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand and find out more about what it took to write her book, Bewildered.

Jono Tan – Social Media Manager

The Flow Effect, Osama & Ayman

As an ocean lover and freediver myself, I’ve felt the remedial qualities of the ocean described by Liv in The Flow Effect’s blurb. The silence that comes with submerging yourself and experiencing your surroundings with one breath is unparalleled. No two dives are the same; so each dive is a brand new experience. I’m keen to see this one on the big screen.

the flow effect, port fairy adventure film festival

The Flow Effect

I love the contrasting themes that Osama & Ayman has to tell. At first glance, the identity of the Abdeldayem brothers may seem like a hodgepodge of traits that don’t fit, but if we strip it all back, it’s just a tale of two brothers telling their story in the hopes of redefining the belief systems for future generations.

Amy Fairall – Assistant Editor

Big World

What an adventure! Can you even imagine being seven years old and travelling with your Dad around Nepal – on a stand-up paddleboard? Mental!

I really hope that we get to follow the journey from both Thorne’s perspective, as a young boy having the time of his life, and from his father David’s perspective, who is trying to instil in his son a sense of wonder for the world. It’s certainly a special thing to see kids so young having such wild adventures, and to watch the relationship between father and son develop through exploration.

big world, port fairy adventure film festival

Big World

Henry Brydon – Founder

Free Flow

I’m very excited to watch Free Flow. Why? I grew up on the border of Wales and spent many filthy holidays and school trips slogging through those muddy, cold, irresistible mountains. I’m excited to see Hazel Findlay offer a glimpse into how she interacts with this wild place, and remind me just how wonderful the country is.

Bee Stephens – Digital Campaign Producer

Pacific Lines, Microadventure

Popcorn in hand (hopefully with heaps of butter), I’m looking forward to catching this story – a powerful young chica tracing her family line and taking her climbing to the next level. I’m intrigued by the concept of people’s connection to place and how this can be carried from one generation to the next, it’ll be cool to see how this is presented in the film. Plus I’m a climbing newbie, so I’ll be thrilled to learn more about what bolting is?

Pacific Lines, photo by Lee Cossey, port fairy adventure film festival

Pacific Lines | Photo by Lee Cossey

On top of all that, I can’t wait to go on the microadventure we’re hosting. There are prizes up for grabs and it’s always rad to meet our readers in person!

Tim Ashelford – Editor

8000+, A Mile An Hour, Groove Train

I’m pumped for 8000+. The idea of flying off a mountain you’ve just climbed is so pure to me, and I’m sure that the added danger of doing it 8000m above sea level will leave my palms white and knuckles sweaty. A Mile An Hour should be a blast too – Beau has a unique perspective on adventure – like who runs a marathon and still tries to hang out the washing?

8000+, port fairy adventure film festival


Continuing in the Aussie theme, Groove Train is both Aussie (my favourite thing about this festival is the slew of Aussie films) and features a female climber sending insane grades. I love how many women are sending nowadays.

The other mad thing about this festival is that it’s bringing the adventure community together in one place. If you see me at the festival don’t be afraid to say g’day!


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