Picking just five articles this month has been damn tough! There’ve been some super insightful interviews, handy how to articles, and some truly jaw-dropping locations revealed. 


After much deliberation, the WAE team and I narrowed it down, so if you somehow missed all of our content from this month, you’ll find the juiciest stuff right here, right now. 

Read on my friend!

1. Photographing a Rappel Beneath The Blood Moon

Remember that eclipse/blood moon recently, and all the terrible photos of the moon that filled your Instagram feed afterwards? 

Well this is kind of like that, but waaay cooler. Two mates in New Zealand, Dylan and Kaleb went out of their way to capture the blood moon in the middle of an epic adventure. 

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2. Listen up Outdoor Brands! Not All Women Like Pink

Brooke’s had this one brewing in her head for a while now and has finally gathered her thoughts and whacked them on the page. 

Do you have an opinion on the colour of women’s outdoor wear? After reading this you might. 

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3. Lake Rhona is a Beach Escape in The Tassie Wilderness

This is one of the most stunning locations we’ve ever shared on We Are Explorers. A beach you can camp on, snuggly tucked between alpine Lake Rhona and a towering and encompassing ring of mountains. 

Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to spend a night here. 

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4. What’s it Like to be LGBTQIA+ and an Explorer?

June was Pride Month for the LGBTQIA+ community, and we wanted to find out what it’s like being queer and an Explorer. 

Steph chatted to a bunch of people within the community to find out what outdoor adventure is like for them. Enjoy!

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LGBTQIA+ crew composite image, feature

5. 10 Things to Know Before Hiking The Larapinta Trail

Our good mate Ruby recently hiked the 230km, 15 day long Larapinta Trail in Central Australia. She learned a few handy lessons along the way and wants to share them, (along with her magical film photos of the trip) with you, so we let her.

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Feature photo by @rubyclaireee