Australians are traditionally into rugged and heavy hiking packs, built to snap a Brown Snake’s fangs and resist a thrashing from a ravenous drop bear. So what’s Osprey playing at? Their new Levity and Lumina range (his and hers respectively) come in at less than a kilo and sound like they were designed at SpaceX…

Enter The Levity And Lumina Backpacks

The Levity and Lumina series of packs are designed with the ultralight hiker in mind. You might know an ultralight hiker, they carry a set of pocket scales, scoff at spare underwear and are always tinkering with ways to dehydrate water.

It’s an obsession, but a strangely addictive one. Count those grams and suddenly you’ve sliced your pack weight in half and can be found gliding over trails and floating up ridgeline ascents, without a drop of sweat to be seen. Osprey knows all about these people, which is why they’ve brought out their lightest overnight pack to date.

How’s It So Light?

The actual weight of a pack is a big consideration when ultralighting, so the Levity and Lumina focus on a few key areas to weigh in at less than 900 grams each. They feature NanoFly™ fabric which uses (deep breath) ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene ripstop and Cordura Nylon to stay light whilst retaining high abrasion resistance.

3.5mm Lightwire Suspension and a 6065 aluminium frame offer back support, but with a max carry of around 13kg, you’ll only be packing the essentials anyway.

Osprey_Lumina, 60 litre, backpack, ultralight
While Osprey did away with most of the pockets, they’ve thankfully kept ventilation a top priority, with a 3D-tensioned mesh back panel (for airflow) and side ventilation to catch the breeze. For a full list of features on offer, check the website.

We’re Testing One Out

The Levity and Lumina come in two sizes, 45L and 60L and will cost $249.95 and $269.95 respectively. We’ll be reviewing one in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled (and your scales at the ready).


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